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Mon May 27, 2019
 عکس بالای منو

Festival for Sina Theosophia

من یوت الحکمه فقد اوتی خیراً کثیراً


He grants wisdom to whom He pleases and whoever is granted wisdom, he indeed is given a great good 

Holy Quran 2/269                                                                                                                                                     

Call for Papers

International Award of Bu-Ali Sina (Avicenna) Foundation

Festival for Sina Theosophia

آرم جایزه بین‌المللی بنیاد بوعلی‌سینا

      For the purpose of deepening the scholarly research on Bu-Ali Sina ( Avicenna ) and encouraging the researchers and academic-cultural centers in this direction, the Scientific and Cultural Foundation of Avicenna is holding a festival on Sina Theosophia  receiving collaboration and contribution from academic, cultural and administrative organizations.



The festival has two independent but interrelated sections:

A. International Awards:

1. Research on Avicenna's Award

  ( allocated to important works describing and explaining Avicenna's School)

2. Award for Avicenna's Medicine

( allocated to important works on medicine)

3. Award for Avicenna's philosophy

( allocated to important works on philosophy)

4. Award for Hekmataneh of Avicenna

( allocated to important works on relating knowledge and promoting the quality of life)

5. Avicenna's Award for Iran's prominent scholars

(For the celebrated works on introducing Iranian and Muslim Scholars (This conference is devoted to Seyyed Jamal Aldin Asadabadi)

B. Scientific Panels:

1. Panel on Avicenna's teachings for our Time:

- Religion and Mysticism (Eastern philosophy, philosophy of mysticism, philosophy of religion,…)

- Philosophy of the soul

- Philosophy of ethics and practical ethics

- physics (celestial bodies, philosophy of nature, …)

- Mathematics

- Ontology

- Logic and epistemology (Focused on critical thinking)

2. Panel on importance and capability of traditional medicine


1. Principles of traditional medicine in Iran.

2. Ethical principles of traditional and Modern medicine.

3. Institutionalizing traditional medicine in world’s health centers

4. Complementary approach to traditional and modern medicine

5. Traditional medicine, world health and globalization

6. Avicenna, traditional and modern medicine

3. Panel on why and how of philosophy for all


- Humanities need for philosophy

- The reasons of arguing against philosophy and its consequences

- Application of philosophy in religion

- The function of philosophical thinking in individual and social life

- The effect of philosophy on development of sciences and technology

- Methods of teaching philosophical outlook (For children, teenagers and adults)

4. Panel on philosophy in the modern world

- Avicenna's spiritual message for the modern man

- Government and philosophy as seen by Islamic point of view

- Spiritual crisis and its solutions

- Science and religion from religious viewpoint

- The comparative study of human prosperity from theistic and atheistic      viewpoints

5. Panel on introducing and commemoration of Seyyed Jamal Aldin Asadabadi

- The principles of his reformist standpoint

- His role in awareness of Eastern peoples

- His look at science and religion

- Scientific and practical ways for the unity of Islamic world

Referees and Scientific Boards:

The conference has two different Referring and Scientific Boards in International Awards and Scientific Panels:

A: Referring Boards on International Awards:

1. Referring Board on Avicenna Research Award

(Selected by Bu- Ali Sina Scientific and Cultural Foundation)

2. Referring Board on Avicenna's medicine

(Selected by Medical Academy of IRI)

3. Referring Board on Avicenna's Philosophy

(Selected by Institute of philosophy of Iran)

4. Referring Board on Hekmatane Award of Avicenna

(Selected by Academy of Sciences of IRI)

5. Referring Board on Iranian Prominent Scholars Award of Avicenna

(Selected by Society of cultural works and scholars)


B: Scientific Boards on panels:

1. Scientific Board on Avicenna's teachings for our world Panel

(Selected by Ibn Sina's Cultural and Scientific Foundation) 

2. Scientific Board on philosophy in our modern world panel

(Selected by Bu- Ali Sina University)

3. Scientific Board on importance and ability of traditional medicine

(Selected by Hamedan Medical University)

4. Scientific Board on philosophy how and why panel

(Selected by Bu- Ali Sina University)

5. Scientific panel on introducing Seyyed Jamal Aldin Asadabadi

(Selected by cultural and guidance office of Hamedan)


A. The sign of the philosopher of Millennia , Letter of Gratitude ; and up to 100 million Rials to Prominent works for Research on Avicenna, Medicine, Philosophy, Hekmataneh, and Iranian prominent scholars.

B. Participation certificate , Letter of Gratitude and up to 5 million Rials to all Selected works.
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